Celebrities can’t face heat on Twittersphere?

DC looks at how celebs handle the heat when trolled or questioned by fans, on social media
Celebrities going off social media when they face criticism, or when they fear being reproached for something they did, is not a new phenomenon. A recent case in point is of actor Silambarasan who faced a series of problems over his last film’s release, as with his other film Idhu Namma Aalu which has been in the making for a long time, qu. He logged onto Twitter and made an announcement that he was quitting the micro blogging platform!
Though no official reason was given as to what prompted this course of action, Simbu has said, “I feel that as an artiste I’m bound to provide films of content and quality to my fans to enjoy, and that will be my principal and primary duty. An artiste’s connection to the fans is ‘quality films’. From now on my Twitter account will be handled by my fans’ club authorities and I will tweet if the situation warrants my reply.”
Apparently his last tweet was about the adult sex comedy film Trisha Illana Nayanthara. He wrote, “TIN bold and current gen film. Enjoyed and congrats to whole team for the success, GV Prakash rocks both ways and the director as well.” Rumours are rife that the comment didn’t go down well with many, who started taking up issues with him. Yet another example is ace music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja who was extremely active on Twitter, and vanished from the scene after he converted to Islam and got married for the third time to Zaffrunnisa.
His Twitter handle raja_yuvan reads “This handle is reserved for Yuvan when he changes his mind to get back to twitter again..” When Yuvan was asked about the reason for his sudden exit, he said with a smile, “I will soon be active on Twitter.” Reports also suggest that National Award winner Dhanush was away from Twitter for a while when he faced a personal crisis, only to return to the social platform later. Today the actor has amassed more than two million followers on Twitter.
There’s a general notion that fans of stars wage a war on social media by making malicious comments. A major actor who is not on Twitter, said on condition of anonymity that any individual who comes from an educated background will not indulge in ‘such cheap things’. He also feels that while social media presence is vital, it’s not a yardstick for an actor’s popularity. He adds that it’s one’s work that should speak for him and which is why he never felt the need to be on social media.
Sorav Jain, social media analyst says, “Top celebs join social media networks for publicity. But when there is a crisis, they are not in a position to handle it and quit the medium. It could also be a publicity stunt, as followers get shocked by such an act and try to find out the reason for their staying away from social media.” He concludes, “I have seen people, who, instead of making a quick exit, handle such situations smartly. They even apologise on social media, if need be.”
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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