Ten lesser known facts about television's most loved comedian Kapil Sharma

Mumbai: People know him for his fantabulous comic timing. Stand up comedian Kapil Shama wowed the audience on small screen with his wit and humour. With his hugely popular show ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’, he not only managed to build his fan base but also made the way for his dream debut on silver screen. Here are 10 unknown facts about Kapil Sharma, which will leave you surprised.
1.Kapil’s father was an upright policeman in Amritsar, who only dreamed of his son becoming a superstar one day. He however died of cancer before he could see Kapil’s rise to stardom. The comedian mentioned that it was his ardent wish to fulfil his father’s dreams.
2. Kapil Sharma is in fact a complete ‘mama’s boy’. While he was out trying to make a name for himself by pursuing his career in Mumbai, he sorely missed her who stayed back in Amritsar. Now his mother lives with him and even accompanies him to the sets of his hit show, ‘Comedy Nights’ everyday, and hasn’t missed a single shoot.
3. Kapil insists that his sharp sense of humour was inherited from his mother. As a young lad and aspiring actor, he started his comic journey on a regional channel in Amritsar. He then auditioned for ‘Laughter Challenge’ but was rejected during his first attempt. Refusing to give up, he tried again and the rest is history.
4.Close friends insist rumours of Kapil dating his TV show’s production controller Preeti Simoes (far left) are false, and that he will eventually marry the girl chosen by his mother.
5. Kapil was a part of the television industry for over a decade before he got his big break hosting ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’.
6. Did you know that Kapil always wanted to be a singer, not a comedian? He loves singing so much, that he doesn’t want to miss out on a single opportunity to sing on his show, or anywhere else. The word is that he might just cut an album deal soon.
7. Long before ‘Comedy Nights’ Kapil took acting lessons and even taught drama at a girls’ college in Delhi.
8. Ever wonder why Kapil jokes about people’s paunches on his show? It is because the comedian is prone to put on weight and has developed a phobia about being overweight.
9. “Babaji ka thullu” is as ‘vulgar’ as he can get because he swore to his mother he’d never do anything vulgar on his show.
10. In his debut film ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu’, Kapil refused to share an on-screen kiss with his leading ladies because he felt that his mother wouldn’t like it.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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