I am here to make serious films: Mysskin

His next will be a psychological crime thriller
Filmmaker-actor Mysskin who’s known for his offbeat genre of films has announced his next, which would be a psychological crime thriller. But would it be on the lines of his previous film Pisaasu? Mysskin replies, “Pisaasu was based on a paranormal subject but this one will be totally different from that. I am still working on the story that is produced by Raghunandan of Trans World Telecommunication Private Limited. It was my desire for a very long time to do a film like this. I am here to do some serious films and I don’t adhere to the ‘hero’ culture in cinema. The intention of making such different films is not to scare the audience, but my attempt to explore that particular genre. The audience expect a certain standard from my movies and this will surely live up to that.”
So, why do all his movies have a psychological or philosophical undercurrent? “I like to make psychological films as I read literature of the same variety. Also I love to make dark movies and I give my audiences a good and sincere film.” So, is he acting in the film? He says ‘no’ but adds, “A script like Savarakaththi demanded me and so I played the villain in it. When I write a script, only if I feel I should be a part of it, I’ll be acting in it, or else I won’t.”
Known mostly for working with newcomers, Mysskin has introduced Shyam, who will be playing a pivotal role as a hero in this film. According to Mysskin, the film’s climax will be the highlight. “The shooting will commence from November although we’re still in the process of zeroing in on the other cast. If you want me to tell more about the film, it will be something on the lines of ‘If a man becomes a monster’. Every day, I would say, people scare me the most. There are a lot of insensitive people around, who are monsters themselves. Say, we hit somebody when we are in a car but we are least bothered about caring for them. Such thoughts are behind this film.” So there’s that tingle down the spine again!
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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