Still waiting for challenging roles

And that explains the recent gap in his career. But Indrajith Sukumaran is now back with a couple of exciting projects

He was not seen going after lead roles though he has established himself as a bankable actor. Be it the antagonist or a supporting character, he has no qualms in taking up the role, provided it offers him enough space to perform. Indrajith Sukumaran, who kickstarted his career playing a villain, has been cast in all types of characters and has always been very selective.

The actor, who was not found quite active for some time, says it was due to lack of substantial scripts. “I have been hearing scripts every day. The gap occurred because I did not find any good one. I was waiting for an interesting subject and the only scripts that attracted me were of Amar Akbar Anthony and Kohinoor,” says the actor.

Indrajith says which subject could challenge the actor in him was always his choice. “All over my career, till date, I have got opportunity to portray various characters and be part of some noted projects. So at this point, I am waiting for challenging roles which I have not done so far. Otherwise, it should be thought-provoking theme or an exciting character. There is no point in doing an average subject,” he says, adding that he was ready to act in the films by new-comers if it excited him.

“These days, we are getting good films from new filmmakers and technicians. So I won’t be hesitant to a call from the new faces if they come up with different films and tempting roles,” says Indrajith, who is donning the role of Hyder in Kohinoor directed by Vinay Govind.

“It was around one-and-a-half years ago that I heard the script of Kohinoor. The project was in a preliminary stage then and only Aju and I were cast. It is a heist film set in 1988 when there was a Mangalore-Kerala smuggling corridor. Hyder is a character coming from Bombay to Kerala with a particular mission and gets two allies — Freddy and Nicholas. Then he meets two petty thieves Louis and Aandikunju and it is a thrilling moment following their meet. In a way, this movie can be called a thriller-entertainer,” says the actor.

It was the character that attracted him to Kohinoor. “Hyder is an intense character. We can see two extremely opposite shades of this character. I am getting a chance to do a character with two faces in this film,” he says.

However, in Nadirshah’s debut directorial venture, Amar Akbar Anthony, he portrays a character that is at the other end of the spectrum. “It is an out and out humour subject and a script-oriented comedy film. It is the very first script that made me laugh and this is what prompted me as well as Prithviraj and Jayasurya to act in this movie. The script is written by newcomers Bipin and Vishnu. My character Anthony hails from Fort Kochi,” says the actor, who is rendering dialogues in Fort Kochi slang once again after Chotta Mumbai.

The actor is joining hands with his brother Prithviraj in Tiyan also. In the movie directed by Kaanchi-fame Krishnakumar, he will be donning the role of a Brahmin named Pattabhiraman. “It is an intensive-performance-oriented character,” Indrajith says.

Not surprisingly, the multifaceted actor is also interested in the technical side of movies. He hopes he will wear the director’s cap when the apt time comes up.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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