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I didn’t target Lalettan: Sabu

Published Sep 22, 2015, 5:22 am IST
Updated Mar 27, 2019, 6:22 pm IST
Sabu is the latest victim of cyber trial as his post on street dog menace

While posting a status showing solidarity with those who came forward against street dog menace, Sabu was pretty sure that he had to face the dog-lovers. But the issue got a completely different turn after his harsh reply to a Facebook user, who posted two photos of actor Mohanlal with his pet dogs.  

The screenshots of Sabu’s comment have gone viral in social media platform and has become a hot topic there. Adding to his woes, the director of a film Sabu was supposed to produce, has expressed his desire to go ahead with another producer.


An upset Sabu says that his comment was not meant to hurt Mohanlal or his family members, but was just trying to express his idea. “In the widely-shared screenshot, you cannot see the previous comments nor will you get an idea on why I posted it.”

“That guy who posted Lalettan’s photos had posted many pictures of several people with their pet dogs under my status. I guess he was a dog-lover. He had posted a photo featuring a woman from Delhi with around 25 dogs. As I got irritated, I deleted his comments. He asked why I deleted the comments. The more I deleted the comments, the more he posted such photos. Eventually it became that of Lalettan. To be frank, my comment was not against Lalettan, but to the one who was irritating me,” says Sabu, who is a known face through TV shows like Tharikida.

He admits that the sentence referring to Mohanlal’s father was avoidable. “It happened in that mood and that was because of my arrogance. But the comment was completely targeting the person who posted the photos. I don’t regret it because I was not targeting Lalettan. My status and comments were for a cause,” says the anchor-turned-actor-turned-producer.

“I am not a celebrity and my posts won’t be valuable. I think even Lalettan wouldn’t care about this. It became an issue after his fans took up this when the screenshots became popular,” he says.

While quizzed about St Peter’s Day director Sajan K. Mathew’s post that he was planning to go ahead without Sabu as a producer, he says that it might be owing to the pressure from the persons who are posting comments against him. “It is his first film and so it is his discretion to work with whichever producer,” he sums up.