‘I want to be a stunner till I’m 80’

Kareena Kapoor Khan tells Subhash K. Jha how she wants to veer towards non-commercial cinema

How happy are you with your journey so far?
I do what comes to my heart at any given time and it has been an exhilarating 15-year journey so far. I’ve had some great films, not-so-great films and bad films. And I am possessive about all of them — even an unsuccessful film like Dev. Chameli was not a blockbuster, but it’s a milestone in my career. Destiny has written several blockbusters in my journey and I am grateful for that.

And now?
Now, I’m ready for a different kind of experience in my career. Of course I love Salman’s (Khan) kind of cinema, but it’s time for me to digress for some time. I’ll be doing two off beat roles now. Abhishek Choubey and R. Balki will take me to a totally different zone.

Shouldn’t you have taken the decision to do unorthodox films long ago?
I went through a lot of changes in my life after I got married in October 2012. My priorities changed. I began looking at life a lot differently. The best advice I got from my entire family — my parents, sister and husband — was to do whatever I wanted to with my career.

You didn’t mind losing something like Sanjay Bhansali’s Ram Leela?
At that point of time, I wanted to do mainstream films which didn’t require too much of time, so that I could concentrate on my marriage. That’s why I did Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which didn’t require that much of my time.

Do you consult Saif in career decisions?
Yes. Saif said I must do Bajrangi Bhaijaan and I did. I am happy I did.

Why do you do so many item songs for friends?
Why not? Mera dil bahot bada hai (I have a big heart) and I love my item songs. I love to dance. These item songs make me look good.

You don’t have to do item songs to look good. You are beautiful even without them...
I agree. And I want to be stunner till I am 80.

So at this point of time, do you see yourself as an actress or a wife?
I am a happy homemaker and a star-actress.

What is the role you can’t see yourself doing?
I can’t see myself doing kickass roles. Even if George Lucas offers me an action role, I won’t do it because I can’t see myself flying in the air. That isn’t me. Flying, jumping, somersaulting isn’t for me. I don’t like doing action roles — not that I can’t do it. I can, but I am more than happy being known for roles such as the one I did for Jab We Met.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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