Movie review 'Courier Boy Kalyan': A Hollywood lift

Courier Boy Kalyan is rather disappointing

Cast: Nithiin, Yami Gautham, Ashutosh Rana, Nasser and Ravi Prakash
Director: Premsai
Rating: 2.5 stars

If you have seen the film Premium Rush, you will know what Courier Boy Kalyan is about. Kalyan (Nithiin) is a happy-go-lucky boy who falls in love with Kavya (Yami Gautham). He joins a courier company as a delivery boy so that he can see her every day, h Meanwhile, a top doctor (Ashutosh Rana) is doing stem cell research, which leads to many abortions. A ward boy gets to know about the conspiracy and sends evidence to social activist Satyamurthy (Nasser). It falls on Kalyan to deliver the parcel to the social activist and he accidentally gets involved in the issue.

The doctor sends some goons to stop the courier and then the chase begins. Debutant director Premsai should have come up with a better screenplay, to avoid the film becoming predictable and dragging, especially since it's a concept film. When Gautham Menon is involved in a film (he’s the producer), one expects his signature style, but that's missing from Courier Boy Kalyan. Though the subject is new, director Premsai hasn't been able to come up with a proper narration. It is evident that he has been inspired by the Hollywood film Premium Rush, which is along the same lines though the bicycle messenger has been replaced with a courier boy.

There are no twists in the tale and the film is predictable. The director should have focused more on the doctor’s plot rather than on unnecessary scenes of comedy and songs. When it comes to performance, Nithiin looks cool as a courier boy. His character didn’t need any histrionics and he has done his job accordingly. Yami Gautham looks good, but she is hardly seen in the second half. Ashutosh Rana, who once again plays the bad man, looks smart here compared to his earlier films. Satyam Rajesh has some comedy scenes while Nasser’s role as a social activist is small.

On the technical side, the music is average though three music directors are involved in it. The cinematography is also average. The chase sequence is predictable. Overall, Courier Boy Kalyan is rather disappointing. Other than Nithiin’s performance, there is nothing to write home about.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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