Free fall rush

Adventurous Sasha Gopinathan shares her recent experience of skydiving in Sydney
Resilience, exposure to diverse cultures and the affinity for adventure are the common qualities the children of Armed Forces officers are found to have in abundance.
It is this streak of adventure that had Sasha Gopinathan, daughter of an Air Force officer, take to the skies literally when she skydived from a height of 15,000 feet in Sydney. Sasha, who is a familiar face to the Malayali audience after her stint in the reality show Malayali House, is known for her frank comments and startling revelations about herself.
Speaking about her recent daring fete, Sasha says, “My brother is in Sydney and I was on a vacation there. I wanted to experience the adrenaline rush and so, had already booked for skydiving from India itself.”
“There were 30 others who had come for skydiving. We were asked to wear the sky-diving attire and were given a half-an-hour class about free fall, gliding and safety protocols. I had an instructor with me in the plane. At 15,000 feet, we were asked to go near the door and jump at the count of three. The first few minutes were free fall which was really exciting and then, at around 2,000 feet, the parachute opened, we glided and then landed safely,” an excited Sasha spoke as if she was reliving the whole moment.
Adventure has always been in her veins. In fact, Sasha tried her first bungee-jumping when she was in the Class 10. A dentist by profession and a sports lover, Sasha has acted in Tamil and Malayalam movies, the most recent ones being Nee-Na and 32am Adhyayam 23am Vakyam in small roles. She is looking forward to her movie Krishna Yaksha and says: “I have a double role in this film and have got a good platform to exhibit my acting prowess. I am also looking at some Tamil and Telugu projects and probably should decide on something by the end of the year.”
On balancing her dentistry practice with all these, she says, “My dental practice and patients are my priority; I make sure that my shoot days are on Sundays and I have specialists to look after new patients.”
The very pretty dentist is sure to have many male admirers, but she emphasises: “I am as yet crawling, let me stand on my feet and achieve my goal and then, we will see about marriage.” Having faced her share of adverse comments in Malayali House, Sasha says, “I am proud of myself. Taking things negatively or positively depends on a person’s perspective. The show has made me come out stronger and more mature.”

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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