Mysskin lashes out at the Censor Board

Cinema is not meant for kids, but adults, says Mysskin
Director Mysskin, known for his frank remarks, is at it once again! In what looks like a strong rebuttal, the filmmaker has issued a passionate comment on the increasingly close-minded habits and behaviour of the Censor Board. Speaking at the promo of Tharkaappu, which marks the return of actor Shakthivel Vasu, he said, “They said Tharkaappu has been awarded UA Certification from Censors. If a movie receives, ‘U/A’ or ‘A’ the makers are not eligible for 30 per cent tax exemption. This is a huge blow to producers these days. Any filmmaker’s creative freedom is curtailed because of the Censor Board’s odd rules and regulations. When the bad guy uses cuss words or when we show violence they label us with an ‘A’ certificate. How else can we show rage when two guys fight each other?”
Recalling his experiences with the RCB with his recent movie Pisasu he said, “I made a ghost movie named Pisasu. As a child my mother used to scare me that a pisasu (ghost) is menacing. But in real life I saw lots of ‘pisasu(s)’ in the film industry. However, I portrayed pisasu as a good character. The censors wanted me to remove certain words to certify the film. And finally gave it an ‘A’ certificate saying that the film cannot be watched by kids. I am not able to bring on screen the scenes I have conceived for my script. There’s no liberty to portray your creative thoughts here and we are losing our identity. I feel Censor Board should also have some responsibility towards the filmmaking process.”
He adds, “Everyone says that we can’t watch movies with kids. Cinema is not for kids. It is meant for adults. So don’t take your kids to cinema halls. If you are going to watch with kids, then watch cartoons.” He concluded saying that his next movie will be a horror-adult movie and requested ladies and kids not to come and watch the movie.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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