I prefer films that help me connect with my audience: G V Prakash

DC chats with actor-music director-producer GV Prakash
Remember the kid who sang the opening lines of Kuchi Kuchi Raakkama and Chikku Bukku Raile in the early 90s? It was GV Prakash, who would probably not have thought that he could come such a long way. Though he looks more like a college-going student, a few minutes of conversation with him reveals his passion for music, acting, and fresh ideas for experimenting with new avenues. “I was a successful composer but wasn’t sure if I should enter acting. I had to shed certain inhibitions in order to present myself as an actor.
Moreover, I wasn’t sure if the audience would accept me as an actor but I am glad they liked my work in my first film Darling. Now, I must say my confidence has gotten better with Trisha Illana... It’s a bold realistic modern day love story,” Prakash says. So, on what basis does he choose his scripts? “I am extremely choosy with my films. No film survives because of big names. If a film has to survive for generations, it will survive on its craft and content. I don’t accept every film that comes my way. I prefer films, which help me connect with my audience. I should say singing actually helped me learn a bit of acting because if you can't emote, you can’t sing. Singers are performers, a singer is half an actor already,” he smiles.
“Acting happened because of AR Murugadoss. In 2013 he saw a poster of Thandavam, which was my 25th film as a composer. He liked the photo where I was seen crooning into a microphone. And seeing it, he approached me if and asked if I’d act in his production,” GV Prakash recollects. Prakash says, he’s a risk taker and loves to experiment. “Having started off with the keyboard, I slowly ventured into composing. Then I stepped into acting and production. Life is all about taking risks and I like what I do. Also, as long as I am getting love from audiences, it’s enough. I want to entertain them, which makes me happy. I want to maintain that connection with them,” he adds.
Quiz him on his favourite actor, and he answers ‘Kamal Haasan’. Asked how he manages his time between composing and acting, he says, “I enjoy composing because it’s about creation. There have been songs, which I composed in 10 minutes. But I make sure the two professions don’t clash with each other. Acting won’t stop me from composing. Somehow I find the ‘balance and control mechanism’.”
The success of his Darling has not only brought in new confidence but also more responsibility, admits Prakash. “You can’t take rest just because your previous film was a hit. There are more responsibilities on your shoulders,” he adds. Speaking about his upcoming releases Ketta Paiyan Da Indha Karthi (titled tentatively) and Bruce Lee, he says, “Both the films are different, but I like to play the boy-next-door. The profile of the audience is changing, and they want interesting, entertaining and relevant films that look convincing. I’ll make sure I do such films in future,” he signs off.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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