Kunal Kohli didn’t want to get overshadowed

Kunal Kohli to make his acting debut in Phir Se opposite Jennifer Winget
After handling the camera as a director, Kunal Kohli has finally moved to the other side, to make his acting debut in Phir Se opposite Jennifer Winget. He talks about his experience and more.
What made you think of becoming an actor?
I am obsessed with films. Be it direction or acting, I enjoy the evolutionary process. I thought this was the right time to act in films and also I was mentally prepared for it. I feel these days the industry and the viewers are much evolved and are more accepting. I contacted Barry John and took some professional training. Also, I suited the role in Phir Se, so I took it up. It has been a great journey so far.
Why did you cast Jennifer Winget? How was your experience of working with her?
I wanted someone known but on the small screen. I didn’t want to get overshadowed by a big female lead in my very first film. Just like Farhan worked with Prachi Desai in Rock On, before moving on to Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. I felt that Jennifer and I are very similar in terms of popularity. She is beautiful and hard working and we share a great chemistry in the film.
Any anecdote you’d like to share from the filming days?
When I was about to begin Phir Se, I met Kabir Khan at the airport lounge. He said, “Since I have known you as a director and now you are debuting as an actor, never bother about anything around you when you are giving a shot.” I always remember his words.
Speaking of the recent controversy, did you pay Rs 25 lakh to Jyoti Kapoor who sued you for stealing her script?
It was an unfortunate incident. I won’t say I paid compensation to her but it was more like a settlement.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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