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Your athleisure fix

Published Sep 13, 2015, 4:06 am IST
Updated Mar 27, 2019, 8:45 pm IST
Athleisure has been picking up lately and it is moving towards becoming our new street uniform
Netted mesh drawstring shorts from Forever 21
 Netted mesh drawstring shorts from Forever 21

Today is an era of fascinating fusions and technological advancements. Be it in the ambit of luxury, health or lifestyle — technology has blended into different elements of our lives to provide a new age concept. These innovations have led to a beautiful and practical marriage of sports and luxe, to form what we now call — Athleisure, whose two root words, athletic and leisure, are in fact polar opposites.

People want clothes that feel luxurious, but have performance attributes to support a full-contact lifestyle. For starters, the ability to wear one outfit to the gym, the office and after-work drinks is a major plus for those on the go. High-tech moisture-wicking performance fabrics make it easier to keep up with a busy schedule without needing to switch outfits for every occasion. For some, a busy-bee lifestyle almost requires this type of multitasking wardrobe. Also, it has never been cooler to be seen looking like you’ve been working out.

The key word here is looking. Not very long ago, it was considered quite a faux pas to be seen running around town in your workout pants and sneakers — but all that has changed now and athleisure’s place in the fashion hierarchy has been well established.

Athleisure has been picking up lately and it is moving towards becoming our new street uniform. It is definitely not merely a trend but an arena of growth for the retail industry.

As society is getting more fitness conscious now, the trend provides them with a perfect solution to their dressing up woes. This concept is highly relatable and caters to a wider portion of society.

Athletic-casual wear infused with street style elements, with a hint of embellished details works well not only for the patrons of luxury but with Gen Z as well. The concept is to combine silhouettes and pieces that are traditionally associated with athletic pieces such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, etc. but without the intention of working out.

The smart and skillful placements of embroideries and fusing activewear with luxury in its truest form is the key to get this trend right. You can try to play around with different techniques for surface enhancement to adorn a garment with the right amount of affluent details. Elements of quirk or subtle details can be added so that there is a wide range to select from depending on your preferences.

Bead, crystals or thread embroidery can be added at correct places to add the right amount of jazz. Athleisure is still a new concept to the customers who might want to test the waters before taking the plunge. It is a concept which is going to be here for a while because it fuses luxury with sports in an exquisite manner, so you have all the time to adapt the current trend and rock it with a hint of your own style.

The writers are fashion designers