Movie review ‘Kendasampige’: An intriguing fragrance

Director: Suri

Cast: Vikky, Manvitha Harish, Prakash Belawadi, Rajesh Nataranga

Rating: 4.5 stars

Anything which is crisp, spicy and juicy is always tasty to eat. Suri has done something similar with this best in recent times is by keeping it short, brilliantly simple, and sweet, yet leaving a mark of his genius with an intriguing ‘fragrance.’

An accidental story, ‘on the run’ for about a week involving few characters is all it takes for Suri to come out with a brilliant script and thankfully this is just the beginning as Kendasampige (name of a flower, in English Champak) with the tagline Gilimari case Part-II has few more parts left to spread the aroma.

A careful writing has led to a griping experience, which is evident from the scene one evoking suspense and then the twists and turns without a slightest disturbance to the joyful ride. It is again special for the introduction of two new faces – Vikky and Manvitha Harish, who are not just refreshing on screen but very much suit the innocent characters webbed around the thrilling plot.

The music here is the perfect desert after a tasty meal, soothing and adds onto the running script. Harikrishna has truly earned it this time. On par with the best of Hollywood film making – it is perfectly a synchronized domino effect right till the end. A poor and honest boy saves a rich girl from drowning. Later they fall in love, but opposed by the girl’s mother who is rich and influential with good contacts in the police department.

On the parallel, there is another incident which involves police and their misadventures. The two clashes and the boy get into deep trouble. With his girl on his side, will the boy survive? It is a definite must watch. Prakash Belawadi fits the bill as the bright top cop, and even Rajesh in the role as an ACP, but for the only ‘overacting’ role played by a former TV anchor, that too appearing for not more than a minute or two! Technicians behind the camera, light and the sound in this Suri’s masterpiece does leave an everlasting fragrance. Cannot wait for the next part of Kaage Bangara to hit the screens in 2016.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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