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Kayla’s fingernails were ripped before she was raped: ISIS chief’s sex slave reveals gruesome details

Published Sep 10, 2015, 6:38 pm IST
Updated Mar 27, 2019, 9:22 pm IST
Yazidi sex slave’s account sheds light on the life and cruel ways of ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
US hostage Kayla Mueller was killed in a airstrike in Raqqa (Photo: DC/File)
 US hostage Kayla Mueller was killed in a airstrike in Raqqa (Photo: DC/File)

Dohuk, Iraq: A young Yazidi woman who was abducted by the ISIS and made Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's personal sex slave has detailed how the ISIS leader repeatedly sexually abused US hostage Kayla Mueller, who he had taken as his secret wife.

In an interview to MailOnline, the 16-year-old Muna revealed how Baghdadi's savage cohorts ripped Kayla Mueller’s finger nails before informing her that she would be made Baghdadi’s wife ‘by force’.


What strikes as ironic is that the notorious terrorist who is feared the world over, was apparently terrified of his other wives and thus kept his marriage to Kayla a secret. He ensured that Kayla was imprisoned at the home of his deputy Abu Sayaff, so that none of his wives would find out about her.

Muna recalls the terrifying life of oppression and sexual abuse she experienced, her account for the first time giving an insight into cruelty and daily life of the elusive terror chief Baghdadi. There is little known about the man, who has only made one public appearance since he declared himself as caliph during a sermon in Mosul last summer.


Young Muna’s account however shed light on the way of life of the most wanted terrorist. She recounts how the leader personally picked her up from 61 Yazidi women and girls aged between nine and 22. She was among hundreds who were taken hostages during last year's devastating siege of Mount Sinjar. 

The average age of the girls who were 'sold at the slave market was 15', Muna said, adding how it all transpired at Christian building in Mosul, which she described as a 'a white palace'.

The minor was transported to a two-storey house and elsewhere in the centre of Raqqa where the ISIS chief lived with three of his wives and children. Muna disclosed the horrors she witnessed, while being taken from place to place and sexually abused at Baghdadi's convenience.


'The wives were always worse than Baghdadi,' Muna said. 'They were always telling the children that they were lazy and beating them.'

Yazidi sex slave claims ISIS chief told her that he had ordered his men to kills James Foley (Photo: DC/File)

After Muna was taken to Baghdadi’s home, the first thing he embarked upon trying to convert her to Islam. He began by showing her the revolting filmed execution of American hostage James Foley at the hands of British national Mohammed Emwazi, better known as ISIS’ chief executioner Jihadi John.

'He said he ordered them to kill James Foley,' Muna revealed, adding that Baghdadi referred to her as an infidel who would only go to heaven if she converted to the religion of Islam.


The message of the video was clear to Muna – convert to Islam or die like James Foley. The chief used this tactic with most of his Yazidi sex slaves. He would brainwash them to forget their husbands and families, tell them that the ISIS had already killed them all.

Muna however was reluctant to speak of the abuse she personally suffered but recounted how she had been repeatedly beaten black and blue by the ISIS chief on many occasions. Telling her she 'belongs to the Islamic State', the terror chief once slapped her on the face until her nose bled. He assaulted her face with cables and wooden sticks and left her covered in bruises. So brutal were the attacks, that Muna to this day suffers pain and has a dislocated shoulder.


In a bid to get away from the daily horrors, Muna once tried to make a daring night time escape. Tragically she was swiftly recaptured by ISIS guards and returned to Baghdadi.

ISIS chief forcibly married US hostage Kayla Mueller but ket the wedding a secret from his other wives (Photo: DC/File)

Shortly afterwards Muna was transported to a female prison in Raqqa and that is where she made acquaintance with Miss Mueller. The American aid worker was kidnapped by jihadis in August 2013 following a short visit to Syria from her base over the border in Turkey. 


Muna said she was transported along with another Yazidi slaves and Mueller to the home of Baghdadi's deputy Abu Sayaff in a suburb of Raqqa. She recounts the gruesome details of how in October, Baghdadi visited the house and repeatedly raped Kayla in front of Muna.

'She was afraid and she didn't resist as he would beat her,' she said. 'I saw him rape her three or four times and they told us that anybody who runs away, including Kayla, would be killed...Kayla did not know he was the Caliph, but she knew he was important.'

Muna said how Baghdadi kept his marriage to Miss Mueller a secret, 'Umm Sayaff [Abu Sayaff's wife] told Kayla that Baghdadi's wives did not know he had been married to her.'


There was no formal wedding ceremony but after claiming the American aid worker as his wife, he forced her to wear a hijab covering her entire body and spent his days teaching her about the Quran. The ISIS chief was extremely possessive about Kayla, so much that Abu Sayaff was restricted from looking at her, even though she was made to live in his house.

Despite the strict security conditions she was kept in, Muna managed to escape ISIS' clutches on October 8 last year. 'Susan and I insisted on running away and told Kayla to come with us. But she said her friend [James Foley] had already been beheaded and she feared suffering the same fate,' she added. Now Muna plans to join the hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing the Middle East for Europe.