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Fill your mind with positivity

Published Sep 10, 2015, 5:06 am IST
Updated Mar 27, 2019, 9:35 pm IST
Monitor and maintain your physical health
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Are you feeling numb, like nothing matters? Do you feel like avoiding people and normal activities? Are you eating or sleeping too much or too little? Are you also feeling dull and have unexplained aches and pains?  Well, to break the news to you — all of these indicate to the early warning signals of mental health problems.

Folks, World Mental Health Day (October 10) is approaching and it is a good time to ponder upon your mental health. If you have any one of the above symptoms, please talk to your family and friends, and get professional help if required. Ignoring it, however, would prove to be harmful.

The word “professional help” may scare you since it has a stigma attached to it. But friends, you need to realise that one in four human beings is affected by some mental disorder at some point in their lives. Serious illness needs professional intervention and cannot be ignored. Early identification and treatment can prevent serious problems. But let us keep in mind that positive mental health and happiness is a goal to be consciously considered on a daily basis. So, what should one do to achieve a positive mental health?

Monitor and maintain your physical health.

Develop a network of friends who you can talk to and meet regularly.

Be aware of what stresses you out and take steps to ask your support system for help.

Include activities that please you and that you enjoy in your daily programme. A few brief happiness breaks every day, can help.

Get back to the great outdoors. Walk in the sunshine, enjoy the gardens and gaze at the sunset.

Fill your mind with positive images and experiences to enjoy happiness and perfect mental health.

Dr Rekha Shetty is the author of Everyday Happiness Mantras