Saif Ali Khan: It will be difficult to make film on my father

The actor said he is open to the idea given that the story has to be interesting.

Mumbai: Saif Ali Khan says he would love to make a film on father Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi but also feels it will be an uphill task for him to get the nuances of the legendary cricketer right.

With the latest trend of biopics made on sportspersons in Bollywood, when asked if he is approached for a biopic on Pataudi, Saif said he is open to the idea given that the story has to be interesting. "Depends on the script. I feel most actors can't (do it)... it's difficult to play sports on screen convincingly. He (father) was a stylish batsman.. how you imitate that. It would be embarrassment if I don't do justice to it (film) as a son," he said.

Titular Nawab of Pataudi from 1952, until 1971, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, fondly called as Tiger, was former captain of the Indian cricket team. The right-handed batsman damaged his right eye in an accident but continued to play the game.

Saif, 45, had earlier expressed his desire to make a documentary film on his father but the actor seems to be still toying with the idea.

On being asked about his plan on the documentary, he said, "There is not much footage to make a documentary, what I have found is so rare and little. If we could get some more details about it then it would be amazing."

"There is no sports story like it.. (of a sportsperson), who lost one eye and played international cricket. He did not talk about it when he was alive. When he died some people remember it. But to be famous after six generation is a great thing but they still remember... it is hell of a story," he said.

The 'Phantom' actor thinks one can make an English or bilingual film on his father but not a typical Bollywood film. "May be someone can make film on him but you can't make a Bollywood (movie), he can't sing songs.. you can make a bilingual or English. May be one can make English film for India depends on how the story is," he said.

( Source : PTI )
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