Can’t ignore my fans for Khans: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana says her focus is on keeping her own fans happy

While Kangna Ranaut’s next film Katti Batti is about to release, she is also excited about her upcoming films, Rangoon and the biopic on Rani Laxmi Bai.
As usual, as her roles get more complex, Kangna just ups her game and wows everyone.

In hindsight
Having started working when she was just 17, Kangna feels that she missed out on a lot. “Unlike girls of that age, I have missed dating, picnics, etc. But now I feel satisfied as I am a self-made woman,” says the actress.

Hard work is all it takes
Many actors from small towns idolize Kangna and want to follow in her footsteps. While she feels great about it, she gives this advice: “Work hard and don’t bother about people who are ready to pull you down. Hard work will surely brings miracles. I come from a small village. I did not even know how to speak English properly. I did not become Ms India or Ms Universe, but thanks to hard work, I am comfortable around intellectuals too.

While I may not be qualified, I have learned through practical and personal experiences.”

She adds, “Whether you have achieved stardom or you’re heading towards it, people will always keep a sword ready to plunge it in your back. We should not look into the negative aspects of life but just do our job and always try to improve.”

Sex is natural
With Katti Batti having quite a few steamy scenes, we ask Kangna about her take on sexuality. “Sexual attraction is natural. All of us get attracted towards the opposite sex. There is no rulebook, it’s each to his own.”

Talking about live-in relations, she says, “Here again, it’s each to his own. However, one should know the other person properly before taking the decision, it should be the last step. But for today’s generation, live-in relationships have become the first stage.”

The Khan effect
Kangna is one of the few actresses in B-town who does not have time for the Khans. “Since I have made a position for myself, I have the pressure of keeping my fans happy. The Khans may have more fans than me but my fans also wish to see me in certain roles. Therefore I am in a position that if I do not like my character I can say ‘no’,” says the actress.

Equal screen space
On Bollywood being a male dominated industry, Kangna says, “I think that the hero and the heroine should have equal roles — both on par with screen space, and also the role should be good too. My character in Katti Batti is neither more nor less than Imran Khan’s.”

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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