Blame on Virat Kohli for Ishant Sharma’s ‘over aggressiveness’

Ishant is not matured in his behaviour'

Mumbai: On the eve of his 27th birthday, the Indian pacer Ishant Sharma was handed one-match suspension for behaviour for breaching the ICC code of conduct during the recently concluded Test against Sri Lana at the Sinhalese Sports Club (SSC) ground in Colombo.

Ishant Sharma's father Vijay Kumar and personal coach Shravan Kumar on Wednesday said that India's 27-year- old pace-bowler was not so aggressive in early days of his career.

"Yes, what Ishant did on the field was not good. He has been rightly punished by the ICC. Ishant should have controlled his emotions,” said Ishant’s father Vijay Kumar, over telephone from Delhi.

"He was never so aggressive during his childhood days. Perhaps in the excitement they (the players) become overjoyed and cross the limit and in the heat of the moment lose temper also," the senior Sharma added.

"I have not spoken to my son yet. Waiting for his call today and once I hear from him, will go to the airport with my driver to pick him up from the airport. And yes, will surely sit with him at home and persuade him to be calm".

Shravan Kumar, Ishant's personal coach blamed Team India's Test captain (Virat Kohli) for Ishant's "over aggressiveness".

"Kohli is also very aggressive and may be he is supporting Ishant for his recent behaviour,’ said Shravan Kumar (Photo: BCCI)

"I never saw Ishant to be so aggressive. First time in the recent series he crossed the limit several times. Both captain and the bowler should show the maturity. Ishant is a matured bowler but not matured in his behaviour," added Ishant’s personal coach.

"Australian players don't lose their temper while sledging on the field but the case is different with the Indian players,” concluded Shravan Kumar.

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