GMC takes firm stand on Guntur’s monkey menace

Guntur Municipal Corporation has pressed monkey catchers into action

GUNTUR: Monkey menace is on the rise in the city which has led to public inconvenience in several areas.

It must be recalled that recently the Government General Hospital (GGH) was in news for the rat bite incident which resulted in the death of an infant. Later, rat catchers caught rats/bandicoots to end the menace.

Now, the Guntur Municipal Corporation has pressed monkey catchers into action and they have caught monkeys from several areas in the city on Wednesday.

Former sarpanch of Gorantla, Y. Venugopal lamented that nearly 300-400 monkeys are creating disturbances in their houses and sometimes trying to attack the children. They appealed GMC to catch all the monkeys for public safety.

Meanwhile, GMC commissioner C. Anuradha said that residents of Gorantla, Nallapadu, Brodipeta and other areas of the city are facing inconvenience due to the monkey menace. She added that GMC has brought monkey catchers from Kavali and pressed them into action on Wednesday. They caught 45 monkeys on the first day itself. She added that "mission monkey catching" would continue till the menace ends.

GMC deputy commissioner M. Yesudas said that all the monkeys would be shifted to Srisailam forest with the help of forest department.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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