Family, friends have named me multiplex: Nani

Actor Nani on his upcoming film, Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy, the nickname that stuck and how Yevade Subramanyam changed him as a person

For Nani, the good times are here. The actor is teaming up with Maruthi for Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy — which is hitting screens this Friday.

“It’s going to be hilarious and I play a character where I have a short-term memory loss. When Maruthi narrated the script I couldn’t stop laughing, but you know when I saw the film on the screen I felt that it is funnier,” says Nani.

The title of the film is from a famous song in a Kamal Haasan film, Maro Charitra. “This song is my all-time favourite and in the film it’s my phone’s ringtone. So, whenever this song plays, something happens — it is very interesting,” says Nani.

Director Maruthi is also known for his ‘double meaning’ and witty dialogues and Nani actually says the director’s image will change after this movie.

“I heard about Maruthi’s style, but when it comes to this film, it is a completely clean film. I personally feel that Maruthi’s image is going to change after this film,” says Nani.
Coming back to the actor, he says he has short -term memory loss in real life too.

“Sometimes, when my wife is telling me something, my mind is somewhere else. So, after a while, she realises that I have not been paying any attention. So, she gave me a nickname — ‘Multiplex’, because I shift from one screen another screen. Even my relatives now call me that,” the actor says with a laugh.

Nani adds his elder sister is his primary critic. “She didn’t like my Paisa at all and told me as much to my face. Now, she wanted to watch Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy with me before she headed back to the US, where she lives, so I arranged a small early version of the movie. She found it very funny and simply said, ‘ if this film doesn’t work, I will stop judging your movies’,” the actor added.

Talking about his past before Yevade Subramanyam, Nani maintains he’s had a good run. “I have completed seven years today and I have done eleven Telugu films. Only two of them didn’t do well and nine films got good response and revenue,” he says.

He added that from Yevade Subramanyam he got some “positive vibes”. “I don’t believe in astrology, but I feel good times have come. Even when I’m meeting with people there’s an air of positivity.” The actor also changed, as a person, during the shoot for Yevade Subramanyam.

“We spent nearly 60 days shooting in the mountains. The outside world was completely cut off. So, the crew used to work during the day and at night, we all sat around a fire telling each other stories from our lives. The light boy from that film became a close friend of mine and soon, I realised how people spent their precious personal time on their gadgets. I also found out I have 200 friends here in Hyderabad but I have never shared anything with them. Now, I have put aside my mobile phone and I just try to be myself,” says the actor.

The actor is also busy shooting with another film with two to three projects lined up, which means there has been a sudden burst of projects.

“Earlier, I used to spend time planning everything. So, I set down dates for recording the film, the shoot, the promotions and so on. But due to problems, there would always be delays and I found myself sorting out last-minute issues — which just delayed me further. Now though, I have decided not to plan anything. This way, I am doing everything a little bit faster,” he says.

After Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy, Nani is shooting another film directed by Hanu — a movie in which he is playing a hardcore fan of Balakrishna.

“It’s an interesting character but the title has not yet been decided,” he says. Earlier, there were rumours the film would be titled Jai Balayya (because there was a photo of Nani’s hand tattooed with the veteran’s name) but the actor has denied the claim.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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