Meet Kangana Ranaut, the actress who calls herself a 'boring' girlfriend

In a candid chat, she discusses love, link-ups and her next films

Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut has managed to climb the stairs of success in the short span of time she spent in the industry. Although her debut film received much appreciation from everyone including the ones from the industry, the actress still feels that she was not able to do justice to few roles she did when she was young.

Rarely do we see Kangana come out from her cocoon to give interviews, however, this time she chose to be different. Here are the five highlights of the candid chat we had with the reigning queen of Bollywood.

On the type of men she would go on a date

My type is little bit how Imran is in the film. Not completely..(smiles) because I think in a relationship there’s an angel and a devil. I think that’s how they compliment each other. In Imran and Avantika’s relationship she’s the badass for sure. I know that for a fact and he is this angel type person. So to compliment me, I would need someone who would be more of a goody two shoes kind of a guy because I am like a totally badass.

When she revealed she’s a bad girlfriend

I am apparently a very bad girlfriend. Although I don’t think that but the feedback that I get from all corners is this that ‘you are the worst person to have’. So why would you want me in the first place (chuckles) because I am putting up with this. This is the feedback from the time I started dating. I don’t know, I try my best…honestly. Some people wont like talking so blatantly about their feelings but I am very straightforward and I think this is what people can't handle about me. I am always happy because that way I live without any baggage as whatever comes in my mind I say that.

When asked about her link ups

A lot of actors? I would be amused to know who are those ‘a lot’ of actors. I will avoid that question.

On shooting intense scenes for ‘Katti Batti’

I have not been eating on the sets, which is why I lost a lot of weight. I did not even drink water for the crucial scenes and I became so fragile that I couldn’t walk even ten steps. That’s how intense the scene needed me to be.

When Kangana revealed Imran’s boring side

I think Imran is one of those people for whom I don’t even need to convince people that working with him that it was a good experience because when we speak about a co-actor it is hard to convince others about the nice things but he has got good reputation. I thought he would turn out to be this ‘Mr Goody Two Shoes’ and he actually turned out to be that. So there were no surprises for me. He’s predictable to such an extent that he becomes a little bit boring also and his jokes are very lame. He mostly talks about very superficial stuff, intense talks you cannot expect from him. But the only thing I find interesting in him would be his sleek sense of style, which is very rare in guys.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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