Hrithik Roshan was dumbfound on being asked about his link-up with Kangana Ranaut

Sonam Kapoor came to his rescue

Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan was dumbfound when he was asked about his reported link-up with fellow star Kangana Ranaut at the 'Dheere Dheere' song launch. When asked how is he taking rumours of his growing proximity with Kangana, Hrithik said, "Oh my God....What should I say about it?" Sonam Kapoor soon came to his rescue and said, "But you said he was single."

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He was speaking at the launch of the new version of 'Dheere Dheere', the chart-busting song from "Aashiqui" in 90's, sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh. When asked whom he wanted to dedicate this song, the actor said, "As of now, there is no one in my life to whom I can dedicate this song to. We all are dedicating this song to his (T-Series head Bhushan Kumar's) father."

Hrithik and Sonam Kapoor, on whom the song has been picturised, showed great chemistry in the new version, video of which has been directed by Ahmed Khan. The "Dhoom 2" star thinks this song is the celebration of love. "When he (Bhushan Kumar) came to me I was touched as he said he wanted to do this song as a tribute to his father (late Gulshan Kumar)," Hrithik said.

"I had the entire album of the film ('Aashiqui') since it was the rage at that time and I remember 'Dheere Dheere' was one of my favourite songs at that point of time... It kind of became a phase in my life," he said. Hrithik is amazed with the way Bhushan and his late father made a name for themselves in the film industry.

"Gulshanji was the son of owner of a juice stall. He used to sell juice and then he went on to become a music baron. I think very few will be able to achieve that. It is an inspiring journey and then Bhushan took it to great heights. We had great time doing the song. The song is hot... Sonam is hot. It is second time that I am working with Sonam. We just had a ball. Ahmed actually had to distract us from our conversations. We were laughing half the time. So it was just very joyful experience. Sonam has 100 watt smile," he added.

Hrithik told media: “I like to work with Sonam. I think we should do a film together.” Sonam also responded to Hrithik’s praise by stating: “I would love to work with him as well in a feature film.”

The "Krrish 3" actor admires spontaneity and energy of Sonam. "I admire the fact that she is very comfortable in front of camera. She is very spontaneous, she is energetic. Apart from that, being an actress she is very aware of world around her. She is intelligent and very knowledgeable," Hrithik said.

Sonam Kapoor, on the other hand was initially scared to work with fellow star Hrithik Roshan, but felt amazed by his "humility" and "cool" demeanour. "It's amazing working with him (Hrithik). It's a preconceived notion that you get really scared to work with someone who is like this huge mega star. And I think the only other mega star I have worked with is Salman Khan," Sonam told reporters here.

She said she found the relaxed and casual demeanour of Hrithik amazing. "The amazing thing about him (Hrithik) is that he is very relaxed and causal and what I like about him is that he treats people around him nicely," she said.

The ‘Ranjahnna’ actress liked Hrithik's humility and approach towards people. "There are lot of people who are not kind to others because they think they are bigger than everybody else but he is very normal and humble. There is a lot of humility and he is also open to everything and everybody. It's a very unusual quality in a person who has seen so much success in life...that's pretty incredible and that really makes a person grow," she said.

Sonam found Hrithik charming and was quite okay romancing him on screen. "He is a hot guy, so it's nice when a good looking, charming, funny, nice guy is romancing you even if it is on screen. It feels good and it was fun," the actress said.

Sonam had great time working with Hrithik and she is open to work with the actor again. "I would love to work with him in future. I really liked the song and I wanted to do it. My family had a really long association with T-Series and so it was amazing. I think it's a very cool song," she added

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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