Kannada literary world in shock

Protests were plenty at various places in North Karnataka, condemning the incident
Hubballi: Even as questions are being raised why Hindu hardliners had to wait for a whole year to murder Dr M M Kalburgi over his remarks on idol worship, his killing has evoked widespread indignation in the literary world.
Protests were plenty at various places in North Karnataka, condemning the incident. Terming the act “heinous and inhuman”, well-known Kannada writer and former president of Karnataka Sahitya Academy Gurulinga Kapse has expressed concern that this incident could sound a warning bell to those with secular credentials. Lauding the contribution of Dr Kalburgi in the field of Kannada research, he demanded stringent action and a thorough probe against fundamentalist groups.
“Kalburgi was very a revolutionary person with secular values. He never compromised on his principles nor did he bow to any threat from the Hindu fundamentalist groups. He made an immense contribution to the field of education, Kannada research and Vachana literature. He was known for his straightforward nature and his love for all communities. Superstition and lack of knowledge runs deep among many people about religion and they are unable to accept ideological differences”, Gurulinga Kapse said.
While saying that the killing of the scholar is the first such incident in Karnataka, writer Baraguru Ramachandrappa pointed out that it has sent a dangerous signal on a person’s right to freedom of expression, jeopardizing his safety too in the process. He also said that it would be a tragedy for a democratic country if the hazards of communalism have reached such an alarming extent. The fundamentalists vented their ire after the statement of Dr Kalburgi and cold-bloodedly killed him. He warned that this sort of thing could set a dangerous trend.
Recalling his association with Dr Kalburgi, the poet Channaveer Kanavi said that the scholar used to take a firm stand on secular principles. Expressing shock over his murder, he has sought a high-level probe.
Terming the incident a murder of the principles of the 12th century social reformer and philosopher Basavanna, Dr Siddalinga Swamiji of Gadag Tontadarya Mutt said that Kalburgi has served as a guide to several religious institutions and organizations. Stating that Dr Kalburgi was a great source of inspiration to many rationalist leaders, he said it was sad indeed that religious extremists had killed the noted epigraphist of Kannada.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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