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The witty side of Twinkle

Published Aug 30, 2015, 5:36 am IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 12:46 am IST
The actress speaks on her success
Twinkle Khanna
 Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna is much more than a star-wife. Contrary to the stereotypical image of her ilk, she neither spends time at kitty parties nor tries to keep a tab on her husband’s whereabouts. Instead, she has, over the years, since her marriage to superstar Akshay Kumar, used her time effectively to hone her skills as an entrepreneur, homemaker and writer.

Excerpts from an interview:
Your book Mrs Funnybones is exactly the way you are — warm, funny outspoken and a little twisted. Did you set out to manifest your personality in the book?
I think whatever you write, your personality has to seep in unless you write textbooks. This was actually not the first book that I wanted to write, but my editor Chiki Sarkar hit me on the head with a thesaurus that induced partial amnesia so I forgot about that book and wrote Mrs Funnybones instead.
A star-wife with brains, isn’t that a contradiction in terms?
Does an entity like star-wife really exist? I don’t see how being married to someone would change the person you are and this tag is also slightly misogynistic because it states that a woman’s identity is based not on her own individuality but on her husband’s job!

So many industry marriages are on the rocks What is the secret recipe of keeping your marriage going successfully for so many years?
I can’t cook so I actually don’t have a recipe for anything, including this.
You are very different from the man of the house. He likes beetroot juice, you like coffee?
Yes. Akshay and I are different. He doesn’t like to read and I do. I barely see movies, he sees them all the time. He could have been a professional athlete if not a movie star and I’m quite lazy in that aspect. Our upbringing is different. But somehow, we agree on how we see the world, what’s right and wrong.
You poke fun constantly at your mom and mother-in-law in the book. How did they react to your good-natured digs?
I asked my mom-in law once if her friends say anything to her and she just said that she is so proud of me, my heart melted into a puddle of ghee. Both of them know that I etch out caricatures of the ubiquitous mother-in-law and the interfering mother and it doesn’t really seem to bother them.
Mrs Funny-bones is dedicated to your father Rajesh Khanna. Was he a fan of your wisecracks growing up?
He used to complain that I shoot my mouth off and am stubborn, opinionated and actually exactly like him. I didn’t really know what he thought about my writing and poems till quite recently an old friend of his put up a post on Facebook saying something like ‘He could not always understand his daughter’s macabre poems but secretly was always proud of her and would tell me about it’. And that was a moment that will always remain with me.