Chennai always game for Quiz

The quizzing season is underway in the city
Chennai: Quiz enthusiasts say when it comes to winning most quiz tournaments, Chennai always takes the cake. From school children to college students to working professionals, a large number of Chennaiites seem to have a keen interest in quizzing. When we asked Naveen Jayakumar, Chennai’s most popular quiz master why he thinks that is, he said, “In the South and Chennai especially, parents don’t push their children to earn more money, more emphasis is thrown on acquiring knowledge and learning new things, that’s why Chennai has always performed so well.”
From recent quizzes that were organised for Madras Week, on history of Madras and its many facets, to the Wildlife Quiz organised by WWF, and various sports, science and history quizzes that happen, school children seem to have their hands full throughout the year.
While preparing for quiz is one thing, equal, if not more effort, goes into preparing the questions as well, Jayakumar said depending on the type of quiz he has to host he allots time, “For example for the Murugappa Madras Quiz that happens every year, I research on the questions throughout the year and whenever I come across something interesting, then I take note of it. It really depends on how much in advance I am informed about it. Basically, its always a work in progress, the more interesting fact I come across, the more interesting my questions are as well”.
Even though quiz contests are always associated with children, what is fascinating about Chennai is that a large number of children continue to be a part of the quizzing world well after they are out of school and become adults.
“It was only after a city quiz in 1988, that it became evident that a large number of adults were also interested in participating in quizzes but they didn’t really have the opportunity to participate or meet others who were quiz enthusiasts,” said Jayakumar.
This quiz is the Landmark quiz, that is now one of the longest running quizzes in the country and Jayakumar has been the quizmaster every year except for two years when it was held by his friend, the well-known Derek O’ Brien.
Jayakumar said he tries to make the quiz more difficult every year to be on a par with the current generation that is net savvy, but he still finds that the participants always perform exceedingly well every year.
“The cut off had ranged from a score of 27 to 32 and now the highest score has been 36.” While many may assume that the best part of a quiz would be having all answers at your fingertips, Jayakumar said that isn’t quite what the thrill lay in.
“It is when you don’t know the answer and then you have to logically work it out. That’s where the real fun lies, quiz also is a sport that way.” Even if not intellect, some common sense seems to go a long way when it comes to the quizzing world.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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