HC asks Centre to give Dronacharya award to Vinod Kumar

The former wrestling coach had moved court against selection committee for ignoring him
New Delhi: Delhi High Court on Friday directed the Centre to confer Dronacharya award on former chief national wrestling coach Vinod Kumar.
The high court allowed the plea of Kumar, who had moved the high court against Dronacharya Award selection committee for ignoring him for the prestigious honour.
The Dronacharya Award selection committee had recommended Anoop Singh Dahiya's name for this award.
"The award shall be given to the petitioner Vinod Kumar," Justice V P Vaish said.
The award ceremony is scheduled to be held tomorrow at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Vinod, who was the chief national men's team coach from November 2010 to April 2015, had claimed that he had earned more points for his achievements of his wards at international tournaments than Anoop.
Kumar had said that he had the highest points amongst all the nominees and better qualification for getting the award.
Kumar was conferred with Dhyan Chand award in 2012.
He had further claimed that his name was dropped by the committee because he was earlier awarded Dhyan Chand award.
"I don't understand what has Dhyan Chand award got to do with the Dronacharya award. There are so many recipients who have earlier got both Arjuna as well as Dronacharya awards," he had said.
Dhyan Chand award is given to those athletes who miss out on the Arjuna award, while Dronacharya is awarded to the coaches whose wards have done well for the country.
Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) had sacked Vinod as the chief national coach in May this year after his performance as mentor was found to be inadequate during the Doha Asian Championship.
( Source : PTI )
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