I can only do one thing at a time: Gautami

Actress Gautami looks a lot more confident these days. She was at an event recently, to support a cancer survior, who made a short film to document her battle against the disease. A cancer survior herself, Gautami talks about Papanasam, her comeback film, staying away from films for 14 years and Kamal Haasan’s support.
The actress is now looking for more opportunities. So, did she miss staying away from the silver screen all these years? “No. I planned my life according to my priorities. I wanted to do things one by one and live my life. The brain can only do one thing at a time. I decided at one stage that I wanted to work and then I wanted a family life. My child is the most important thing in my life and I decided to spend time with my daughter. Many people say that they can do two or three things at once, I respect them, but I made my choice and I live my life according to that,” she says.
Talking about her fight with breast cancer, Gautami says, “I don’t hide or feel shy to talk about my illness. I want to face it and how to deal with it. If you have fear in your mind you will weaken further. You have to be strong and face it with self-confidence.”
“I have acted in more than 120 films, but this was the first time my performancewas acclaimed… there was no criticism about the film,” smiles Gautami.
She adds that her daughter knew about it though she was five years old at that time. “We told her in a way so that she could understand.”
And her partner Kamal Haasan supports her throughout. “Yes, he supports me 100 per cent. If my parents were alive they would have been there with me. But my two aunties helped me a lot at that time. They never left me alone,” recollects Gautami.
Talking more about Kamal Haasan, she adds, “We always share everything with each other. Whenever he comes home, he leaves all his tensions outside and has only a smile on his face. He asks about the kids and what happened during the day. He never gets angry with anyone and is a cool person,” chuckles Gautami.
When asked about Kamal’s daughters Shruti and Akshara, Gautami says that they are like her own elder daughters.
Does she get involved in Kamal’s films? “From Dasavatharam (2008) till his upcoming film Thoongavanam, I have been his costume designer, and I will continue in his films,” says Gautami.
Gautami, who is now 46, says that since she is health conscious, she always strives to stay fit. “Our health depends on our common sense. The biggest poison is the food we eat. It is common sense…we should eat only healthy food. I follow that and that’s my mantra,”she signs off.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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