Pattiseema to get pumps in September

Pumps would be tested on August 26
Rajahmundry: The installation of pumps for the Pattiseema lift irrigation scheme will begin from the first week of September. As many as 24 pumps will be installed on 24 wells at the Pump House to draw water from Godavari river and pump it through pipelines to the RMC. The pumps are being procured from Pune based Kirloskar Brothers Limited. The pumps would be tested on August 26 and two pumps will be delivered at the Pump House at project site either on September 2 or 3.
Two wells have already been dug up and reinforced cement-concrete slab was laid and as the river water gets collected into the well, the authorities will pump such water into the pipelines by using the pumps fitted with electric motors.
Each well is dug up to a depth of 70 ft into the river bed and at a height of 45 to 50 ft, the well wall facing the river side will be opened by four metres height and 4.6 metres width to draw water from the river. This is a Herculean task as the authorities have to drill a hole in the RCC wall of the well as per specifications mentioned above by stopping the gushing waters of the river with iron sheet to stop from entering into the well until the whole exercise is completed.
The well’s wall will be having thickness of 1.2 metres RCC. Similar exe-rcise has to be carried out for all 24 wells to in-stall 24 pumps. Once the officials are able to insta-ll two pumps on two we-lls successfully, it helps them pump 700 cusecs of Godavari water through pipelines into RMC.
The authorities sound confident of installing two pumps on two wells for every 10 days and complete the exercise accordingly for all 24 wells to install 24 pumps.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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