Tollywood music in Elijah’s concert

Actor-cum-DJ will incorporate Telugu chartbusters in his Hyderabad gig - Sources

Even as dates for Lord of the Rings star Elijah Woods’ India tour draw closer, we can tell you that the actor and DJ is planning to incorporate some very special local elements into his set for his concerts here.

For his gig in Hyderabad, we hear that Elijah will be mixing some Telugu chartbusters, as a special treat for the audience. Elijah will be performing in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad over September 4, 5 and 6, along with his friend and collaborator Zach Cowie. The duo go by the moniker “Wooden Wisdom”. Popular with the underground music scene, they’ve performed at music fests all over the world.

When we pressed Elijah’s team for more details about the Telugu songs he would be incorporating in his set, they said the actor-DJ wanted it to be a surprise for fans.

Incidentally, he has often mixed Bollywood tracks during his concerts in the US. But this is the first time that he will be working with Telugu music.
Our sources tell us that including a local flavour to his music is very important for Elijah.While we don’t know what’s on his set list, we can tell you that Elijah may don a kurta-pajama during his stay in India.

A veteran tailor from Lucknow, Salludin, will be flown down to Mumbai to tailor a piece for the star. Elijah is also bringing down his own turntable and deejay sets to perform. His tour manager has been instructed to customise his play set to suit the Indian aesthetics and environment.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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