Governor E S L Narasimhan grills Telangana government officials

He interacted with residents of Kishan Nagar and Hajipally villages
Hyderabad: Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan grilled people and officials on implementation of state government welfare and developmental works at Kishannagar and Hajipally villages of Shadnagar mandal in Mahbubnagar district while asking them to ensure 100 per cent payment of taxes.
“When people of Hajipally can pay 100 per cent taxes, why not people of other villages? Ensure 100 per cent tax collection in all villages in three months,” the Governor said.
He advised women self help groups and others to take up more income generating schemes, ensure all children go to school, particularly government schools and promised full support to them in welfare and developmental works.
The Governor and Panchayat Raj minister K.T. Rama Rao accompanied by Mahabubnagar MP A.P. Jitender Reddy, Shadnagar MLA, Y. Anjaiah, Mahabubnagar MLA, Srinivas Goud and others, interacted with residents of Kishan Nagar and Hajipally villages as part of Grama Jyothi programme here on Monday.
“Kishan Nagar should be the role model in the country. The government is spending a huge amount of money on welfare and developmental schemes and people should utilise the same,” he said. Sitting on a platform, the Governor and Mr Rao asked villagers whether they were getting welfare schemes like pensions, loan waiver and enquired about their sources of income.
The Governor was unhappy with implementation of some programmes, providing one egg to school kids and pulled up a ration dealer on complaints.
Intervening, Mr Rao said as per the CM’s instructions, all schools would have buffet system instead of food as per measurements.
At Hajipally, the Governor and Mr Rao enquired about the success story of the village and their further needs. “Sir we grow vegetables for self consumption as well as selling in the market. We have 15 SHGs and one SHG for the handicapped. We request you to enhance the loan from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. We want to start a paper plate unit,” Gangamma, a villager pleaded. Mr Rao okayed proposals.
She narrated how women utilised loans for setting up Kiran shop, horticulture, floriculture, cattle and other avocations. “There is 100 per cent enrolment in schools and no drop outs,” she added. When the Governor found some parents were sending their wards to private schools, he advised them to send them to government schools.
On a request from villagers, Industries Minister Jupally Krishna Rao promised to provide a new skill development training centre in the village. When the Governor asked villagers whether they got waiver of farm loans and how many got it, no one raised their hands for some time before a villager came forward and told him he got 25 per cent waiver till date and he obtained fresh loans. The Governor sanctioned a dumping yard.
( Source : deccan chroncile )
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