‘They wouldn’t have behaved like this with SRK’

Raveena was unwell, so refused to travel with the organiser’s kids - Source

Raveena Tandon is home. Wiser, if not more cynical after the way she was treated at the Independence Day celebrations in Los Angeles last week. While she remains largely tight-lipped about the details of the unsavoury incident, there is an evidence on YouTube and there are eyewitnesses from LA who claim to have seen one of the organisers shouting and heckling Raveena, apparently because she wouldn’t allow the organiser’s kids to travel with her on the limousine that took her to the venue of the event.

Says a source from LA, “Raveena was unwell. She was coughing throughout. She refused to let the organiser’s kids travel with her because of her condition. She wanted to sleep while travelling. But the organiser took great offence. After the event, he screamed at Raveena and, shockingly, took her limousine away and told her to find her own way back to her accommodation.”

Raveena refuses to discuss what happened. “What matters is I am back safe and sound. Yes, there was an incident. I am not the first actress from Bollywood to be subjected to rude behaviour. They feel they can get away with treating actresses this way. Would they dare to behave this way with the male superstars. Like Shah Rukh or Salman? Obviously not! They’d get their butts kicked,” she said.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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