Dust takes its toll on skin in Vijayawada city

Pollution related skin diseases on the rise

Vijayawada: The increasing level of air pollution in the city has given rise to various skin related problems, including tanning. Citizens, who have to commute often as part of their daily routine, are at the receiving end of increasing pollution.

Apart from skin relates issues, pollutants like carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and other noxious gases which come under Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter can easily pass into lungs and cause respiratory problems.

The Total Suspended Particulate Matter , which includes all the dust particles causes skin related problems including tanning.

Though pollution in Vijayawada is not high when compared to that in Hyderabad and other cities, the consequences of it is severe here as humidity level is high, said A. Vidya Sagar, senior environmental scientist of AP Pollution Control Board in city.

Tanning has become common now-a-days as pollutants in the atmosphere increases the rate of tanning which may also lead to pigmentation if not taken proper care, said a beautician from Siddharta Nagar.

Dermatologist Dr Shivaji Gutta said that frequent exposure to polluted air and sunlight would lead to tanning. “If proper care is not taken even after the skin gets tanned it leads to pigmentation besides other skin infections and diseases. Pigmenta-tion usually causes skin to turn dark which can’t be reduced easily,” he added.

“A part from tanning and pigmentation, exposure to air pollution on roads causes allergies and also cancer in rare cases,” said Dr M. Ravindranath, Pulmonologist of Andhra Hospitals.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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