‘Arteria’ lends colour to city walls to greet Mahabali

Tourism council project gets Rs 15L from govt
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Splashing colours on city walls and open spaces could be misconstrued as menacing graffiti before elections. But this time around, pedestrians, commuters and motorists may have seen artists systematically doing up the city walls to rev up Onam festivities under project Arteria, a Tourism Department initiative.
The project, implemented by District Tourism Promotion Council in coordination with the district administration, has already got Rs 15 lakh for its initial phase from the state government.
Arteria has gained momentum with the walls of University Stadium being painted with colourful images, which will be unveiled during the official beginning of Onam celebrations.
The first phase of project aims to cover walls and available buildings stretching from LMS junction to Palayam.
Spaces would be allotted to students of Fine Arts College for exhibiting their work as part of their curriculum.
“The concept of turning city walls into canvases for artistic expressions mainly aims at the beautification of city and to improve the attitude of public towards contemporary art and paintings,” says Tourism Minister A P Anil Kumar.
He also noted that attracting the public eye to art works of this dimension facilitates their participation in a new artistic culture that assumes greater significance considering the fact that ‘our public’s exposure to contemporary art is limited.’
A team of 20 artistes, including Kanayi Kunhiraman, Kattoor Naryana Pillai, B D Dethan and NN Rimzon Tensing Joseph, are participating in the first phase of this art project.
Arteria also provides scope for aspiring artistes and students who can send their sample works of art, enabling public participation.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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