Movie Review 'Vanna Jigina': Good attempt with a novel idea

Published Aug 23, 2015, 12:05 am IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:50 am IST

Cast: Vijay Vasanth, Saniathara, Singam Puli and Ashwin

Director: Ravi Nandha Periyasamy
Rating: 2 stars


Vanna Jigina is a movie from Ravi Nandha Periyasamy that tries exploring the perils of social networking media and in the film, it is Facebook.

The film begins with Paavadai Saamy who is about to commit suicide jumping off a high cliff. A voiceover (by actor Sathyaraj) gives a low down on what drove him to this decision. Four things namely - his weird name, his skin color, his friendship with IT employees who seem to have hi-fi life and his one-sided love are the chosen reasons for his suicide attempt.  

Paavadai (Vijay Vasanth) is a taxi driver and has an inferiority complex because of his dark skin. But he longs for a chance to befriend young girls.  He hangs out with a bunch of IT professionals (Ashwin and co), who misguide him that he could talk to girls through Facebook by creating a profile as a different person. Accordingly, Paavadai creates a fake account in the name of Kishore Kumar (Sugu Venkat), a photographer whom he met and took pictures with him. The plan works for him and he starts chatting with pretty and fair looking Angel Priya (Saniathara), an upcoming singer and also falls for her beauty. But, Paavadai is unaware of the fact that Angel is actually another dark looking girl Karugumani (Sri Devi) who is a maid in the house of Angel who impersonates on FB. There’s yet another subplot where a baddie is after Angel after seeing her profile on facebook.

Vijay Vasanth does a decent job and he needs to hone his dialogue delivery. Saniathara looks cute and delivers what’s expected out of her. Singam Puli and Ashwin do their part adequately. The first half moves slowly with much clichéd stuff, which the movie picks up momentum after the introduction of Karugumani character during the interval. Two of John Peters’ songs are hummable. The director has made a good attempt with a novel idea and even sends out a strong message. But where he errs is in its execution. Had he concentrated on an interesting screenplay with few more meaningful dialogues, the film would have been an engaging fare. Watchable once!