Movie Review 'Loham': An entertainer for Mohanlal's fans

Cast: Mohanlal, Renji Paniker, Andrea Jeremiah, Siddique, Mythili, Musthafa

Director: Ranjith

Rating: 2.5 stars

A combination of not so bad action sequences with toungue-in-cheek comedy is what Ranjith's much awaited film, Loham, all about. There is nothing new or thrilling in the film which has Mohanlal giving his entry as a simple and humble taxi driver who takes all abuses and teases with a happy face. Anyone who sees the hero with a drooping mustache and an innocent smile would definitely guess that he is going to twirl it and chill them within a while.

Like the name of the film, Loham is all about the yellow metal, gold, and the chase for a missing box of 100 kilo gold biscuits. It has many gangs led by top stars including Siddique and Ajmal running behind the box and also on the other side, Andrea Jeremiah who is in search of her lost husband a customs officer. And the hero is everywhere. Be it at the kitchen, making dosa and chutney or at the restaurant, preaching to the young lads about the misuse of mobile phones. And finally, he just takes all his audience along with him and walks off with the gold bag, fooling the rest of the chasers.

An average serve for the Lalettan fans who love him for his stylish mannerisms, actions and dialogues, most of them have been eagerly waiting for a super heroic film from him since years. Nevertheless, any of his fans, who are exposed to thrillers of Hollywood and Bollywood like Oceans 11 and Special 26 will lose the thrill soon. There is nothing commendable about the script or cinematography or music.

However, the director has not disappointed the viewers completely. The quick wits, the socially relevant message that are sprinkled very often are really effective and needful at present. The combination of Siddique and his friend is really amazing and also Tiny Tom. The action sequences by Mohanlal and his team including Renji Panicker and Abu Salem, especially the car chasing scenes were good. Mythili and Musthafa should be given a special Kudos for touching the hearts of the audiences with some beautiful moments.

To sum up, Loham is a onetime watch that lacks luster of pure gold like the saying all that glitters is not gold. But it is definitely an entertainer for the hungry-for-more Mohanlal fans.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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