Staff, students still turn down Mahatma Gandhi University time punching system

The machines were installed at the University five months ago

KOTTAYAM: Though punching into the time attendance log was made compulsory for the MG University teaching, non-teaching staff and students, none of the groups comply with the initiative, said sources from the University.

For the installation of the time punching machines, as part of the e-governance project, in the university campus, university school of medical education, university college of engineering and university centre for teacher education, and all the institutions run directly by the university, Rs 5 crore was granted for its installation.

The machines were installed at the University five months ago, however, the staff are citing difficulty in complying with the directions of the University authorities for the time log-in.

“The punching machines were installed at these institutions five months ago. However, only temporary employees are complying with the directions from the University. All organisations inside the University are against this initiative”, said Prof Abdul Latif, a member of the Syndicate.

According to the teachers’ organisations, they were not opposed to punching in their log-in but said that the time for the initiative needed to be revised.

“The time should be revised from 9 am to 3 am or 10 am to 4 pm taking into consideration the demands of the teachers. Though we have been compliant with the initiative for some time now, the access has been restricted due to some technical reasons. This should be rectified”, Prof Harilakshmeendra Kumar, former vice-president of the MG University teachers organisation told Deccan Chronicle.

According to the students, regular log-in was not possible for them due to reasons including the absence of proper lodging facilities.

“Most of the students come from other districts and it is difficult for them to reach the university by the stipulated time, and go after the stipulated hours. Hence the student community have objections”, a research scholar at the department of Gandhian studies added.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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