Drunk driver caught 6th time, jailed for 3 months

He also holds a record for being caught on two consecutive days

Hyderabad: In the first such case, a violator caught driving drunk for the sixth time has been sent to three months imprisonment by the Hyderabad Traffic Police. Regular violator Balaram Raju, 42, a private employee, and resident of Saidabad, who had faced three days in detention in 2013, was caught for the sixth time. He also holds a record for being caught on two consecutive days.

Balaram Raju’s history of drinking and driving is since 2013. He was first caught on March 9, 2013 by traffic police of Sultan Bazaar and was fined Rs 2,100.

Later, on May 25, 2013, he was detained by traffic police of Bahdurpura and was sent to prison for three days. While in the third case, the violator was again caught for the same offence on August 24 and faced a day’s imprisonment. The very next day, he was again detained on August 25 by Mirchowk traffic police and was fined Rs 2,500. In 2013, he faced a total fine of Rs 2,600 and faced three days in jail.

Raju turned a five-time violator when he was caught on January 18, 2014, and paid a fine of Rs 2,100. In 2015, he was caught for the sixth time by Kachiguda traffic police on August 6 and was produced before the magistrate who convicted him and fined Rs 2,000 and sent him to prison for three months.

This is the first time that an offender is being convicted and facing a jail sentence of three months. In August, along with Raju, two other offenders were produced before the magistrate, one was sentenced to three days and the second for five days.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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