Meet the latest BFFs in Bollywood town

The two are bonding like they never did before

Kareena Kapoor Khan has a new best friend. And it’s none other than Katrina Kaif. The two are bonding like they never did before.

And to think that the two barely exchanged hellos all these years. According to sources, relations between the two actresses got worse when Kareena was selected to play Salman Khan’s lead in Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Says a source, “After doing two back-to-back films with Kabir Khan, New York and Phantom, Katrina was like family to Kabir and his wife Mini Mathur. But Salman didn’t want to do any films with Katrina at this juncture. Besides, Kareena suited the part better. Kabir had no option but to let go of Katrina this time.”

Given the recent history of their rapport, the current bonhomie between Kat and Bebo is interesting. Is it because Katrina is all set to marry Ranbir and Kareena is trying to make her sister-in-law feel welcome in the family? But there could be a far simpler explanation too.

According to a source, “Katrina is Saif’s co-star in Phantom. And Kareena loves to befriend her husband’s co-stars. Last year, she became really close to Illeana D’Cruz who was working with Saif in Happy Ending. Illeana, who is a good cook, would even invite Kareena and Saif over for her homemade treats. And she too would visit the couple’s home for meals. The friendship lasted until the film’s release.”

Now, it’s Katrina who was invited recently by Saif. When quizzed about her nayi dosti, Kareena shot back saying, “Why not? Katrina is a sweet girl. And she is also my husband’s co-star.”

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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