Do not confuse partying with spirituality: STR

Simbu speaks to DC about teaming up with his ex-girlfriend Nayanthara
Silambarasan Rajendar aka STR seems to be a totally changed man these days. The actor whose middle name is controversy did not have a single release in the last three years, and was in the limelight for his alleged romantic affair and teaming up with his ex-girlfriend Nayanthara in Idhu Namma Aalu etc. After several hiccups and delays, his Vaalu with Hansika hit the marquee last Friday and got a massive opening and is running successfully. Here are the excerpts from the interview.
Large gap, and a big learning curve:
The kind of crisis I had gone through during the last three years have taught me what my place is and where I stand in Tamil cinema. I could also identify my true friends and foes. More than me, my fans are very happy. A big ‘Thank you’ to my fans, to appa, Vijay anna, and others who stood by me during testing times. Even Rajini sir called me on the day of Vaalu’s release and said that he was happy for me and advised me to maintain my momentum. But all said and done, I am not blaming anyone, I take all the blame on myself, and I will be cautious in future.
Sudden leaning towards spiritualism:
I was all along running crazily and felt I didn’t have a focus and that is when I realised there’s someone above, who is the driving force behind all of us. I have surrendered to God now. He is the director and I am merely an actor who does what he says.
No more hard partying?:
(Laughs) Do not mingle spirituality and partying. That’s different. There’s nothing called good or bad. It’s all in your mind. You want both hot and cold, like they call it Yin and Yang.
On always coming late to shoots:
Acting is not an office job to go in the morning at 7 and retire by 6, and I don’t prefer that way. If I am acting in a scene, I have to justify it! I have to feel and act. I won’t go if I am not comfortable. I am proud to say that Gautham Menon with whom I am working for the second time calls me a ‘single take actor’. He always asks my opinion before finalising the time for the next day shoots. I share a great rapport even with Selvaraghavan with whom I am collaborating for the first time. So, it’s the comfort level that matters!
Teaming up with Nayan despite the breakup:
Normally, girls like me! Do you have any problem? (He asks back) Jokes apart! Nayan and I didn’t get separated with any negative feelings. Cinema is different and we are professionals. When an opportunity came and the script warranted it, we are sharing the screen.
We hear Nayan and director Vignesh Sivan are going to tie the knot. Comment:
Likewise, they said Nayan and Prabhu Deva are to get married! Did it happen? Both Nayan and Vignesh are my friends. If they are in love, I am happy. If they are to marry, who knows I myself would get them married.
Supporting Sarath Kumar in Nadigar Sangam Elections:
I am there in the committee in Nadigar Sangam from the time of Vijayakanth. I am with team Sarath Kumar. Vishal and Karthi are my friends. My wish is that the Sangam should be led properly.
On wanting to direct Rajini and Ajith:
Right now, I am having four films in my kitty. I definitely want to get back to directing and wield the megaphone for a film with Rajini sir or Ajith sir.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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