Ban on camel rides on Alappuzha beach

Published Aug 19, 2015, 12:07 pm IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 3:57 am IST
The state animal welfare board had registered a complaint on August 5, citing the illegality of the ride
A couple enjoys a camel ride on Alappuzha beach
 A couple enjoys a camel ride on Alappuzha beach
ALAPPUZHA: The Port office, which allowed camel safaris on the area of the beach here that was under it, has imposed ban on all forms of activities using camels.
The step follows the Kerala State Animal Welfare Board questioning the legal validity of the ride, and registering a complaint with the district collector and the police chief earlier this month.
Mr Abraham Kuriakose , the port officer, told Deccan Chronicle  that owners of camels had been asked to stop all activities at the beach. 
“The beach conservator has been given special instructions to take action if anybody breaches the order. We have been told by the animal welfare board that camels cannot be used for the ride without taking a registration certificate as per the Performance Animals Registration act. It learnt that no camel owner (there are as many as six), had secured the certificate,” he said. 
The state animal welfare board had registered a complaint on August 5, citing the illegality of the ride. DC had reported it exclusively on Monday last.  It had mentioned that the camel safari was unhealthy and the habitat here of these desert-goers would be unsuitable.  
Meanwhile, the ride, which was introduced a couple of years ago, was a highly sought after entertainment among tourists. 
Mr MN Jayachandran , member, state animal welfare  board,  pointed out that the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) would not be issuing the certificate even if the owners approached the board.
“It had made its stand clear on the grounds that the life of this animal out of its natural habitat would be miserable. The camels should be taken into custody under section 22 and 26 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) act and they should be produced before the court with a Non-Cognizable Report”, he demanded.
Meanwhile, the Rajastan government had recently passed an order banning transportation of camels from their habitat as a result of the alarming decline in the number of camels. 
Earlier in 2005, the High Court of Kerala, pronouncing a verdict on slaughtering of camels in writ petition number 30754, had made it clear that unscrupulous persons who carry out business with Camels should be brought under the PCA act.
Location: Kerala