Twinkle takes centre stage

The release of the actress’ book, Mrs Funny Bones, was a huge hit

On Tuesday, former actress, householder, wife, mother, candle-designer, interior decorator, socialite, columnist and now author, Twinkle Khanna, unveiled her book Mrs Funny Bones at a glamorous event attended by her best friend Karan Johar, her “second best-friend” Aamir Khan and, of course, her husband Akshay Kumar.

Akshay, who had postponed his US trip for a day to be with his wife on her big day, spoke warmly about their fights and bonding while Karan Johar, at his sarcastic best, thanked Akshay on behalf of the film fraternity for “tolerating” Twinkle.

Karan and Twinkle have been friends since childhood when they were both in boarding school. Later when Karan turned director, he wrote the character Tina in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for Twinkle (Tina is Twinkle’s pet name). The role, however, was eventually done by Rani Mukerjee.

Aamir revealed details of his friendship with Twinkle, which dates back to the time they starred in Dharmesh Darshan’s fiasco, Mela.

Twinkle, meanwhile, admitted, as only she could, that she couldn’t act. Aamir was more diplomatic in stating the same, saying it takes time for every individual to discover their true calling in life. According to Aamir, Twinkle’s speciality in life was insulting people. Ouch!

Akshay seems to be as proud of the book as Twinkle is. “Oh the book, the book!! We’ve been so excited about Mrs Funny Bones hitting the market, it’s been the only topic of conversation at home.”

Adds Akshay, “Seeing Tina work so well and so hard to create something so enjoyable has been a lot of fun at home. I couldn’t be more proud as a husband or as her ‘man of the house’. My wife has a lot of tricks up her sleeves, wonder what she’ll show us next!”

Rapid fire

Akshay: Recently, Twinkle made me cry while she was leaving the theatre after watching Brothers.

Twinkle (interrupting): But I liked the movie!!

Akshay: When did I say you did not like it? … hear what I have to say first... (to the audience) Twinkle very sweetly said, “You worked so hard, I could see it after watching Brothers.’ This was why I cried… What more would you want from a wife?

Q.What did you see in Akshay?
Twinkle: A few extra inches.

Q. How is your hubby’s profession different from your writing?
Twinkle: My hubby does comedy and gets paid in millions... With my comedy I can’t even buy chocolates.

Q. Who would you want Akshay’s heroine to be?
Twinkle: Jayalalithaa and Caped Crusader.

Q. Your views on banning porn…
Twinkle: Seriously, as a mother, I would love it if it was banned.

Q. Three traits of Akshay you have noticed…
Twinkle: a) He cries while watching movies, I thought only Aamir does that.
b) When he drinks occasionally, he sings ‘Mainu visa dilade Dubai da’.
c) He wears chequered pajamas like the English.

Q. What would you ask from Narendra Modi?
Twinkle: To make Akshay the sports minister.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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