This girl was offered Rs 5 lakh instead of a date with Hrithik, drags company to court

The court has exempted Shikha Monga from paying Rs 2.43 lakh as court fee for the suit

Mumbai: Imagine being promised a date with Hrithik Roshan and later realising that you have been taken for a ride by one of the biggest beverage brands. Well, this actually happened to Shikha Monga from Chandigarh.

She invested her pocket money and participated in Coca Cola's contest in 2000, the reward for which was a date with Hrithik Roshan. According to the scheme, prizes were announced at the back of the crown of the cola bottles.

Being a teenager and a student of Government College for Girls, Chandigarh, then, Shikha spent her pocket money on purchasing Coca Cola bottles and was overjoyed when she won the first prize on May 22, 2000.

But after sometime, she realised that the whole scheme to lure customers was a sham. She approached the company's marketing office in Chandigarh and instead of the promised date, she was offered Rs 5 lakh.

Apart from writing numerous letter, she made several requests as money meant nothing compared to a date with her favourite star. She filed a suit for damages before the district court in June 2003 claiming damages for causing her insult in society.

A local court of Chandigarh issued notice to Coca Cola, 15 years after it was accused of not keeping its word on arranging a date with film star Hrithik. The court exempted Shikha from paying Rs 2.43 lakh as court fee for the suit. Now the question remains, will she ever get a chance to her favourite star?

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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