Seedhe saadhe Akshay

An exclusive interview with actor Akshay Kumar, who was in Bengaluru on Sunday
Akshay Kumar has many memories associated with Bengaluru. He recounts the time he was a model and had to board a flight to Bengaluru. “Suddenly I got a call and the production guy was really angry with me. I was wondering what I had done wrong. I misunderstood 6 am as 6 pm and lost that project. I remember pleading with him but to no avail. Ironically the same evening I signed my first film Deedar, with Mr Pramod Chakravorty,” recounts the soft-spoken star who is basking in the success of his latest flick, Brothers, which has grossed over Rs 50 crores in two
He dismisses it as “luck”. There are many films that get made and many people that struggle to achieve success. I have been lucky,” he says. Tell him he is being modest and he insists, “It is luck, my dear, otherwise if we all knew the formula to making hit films, we would only make classics. No matter how hard you work, you can never predict the outcome of a film,” he asserts.
Akshay has a soft spot for Bengaluru primarly because his friend of 25 years, Ramesh Dembla lives here. “I have known this boy since the time his father financed my first film so I’m very close to the family. In fact, Ramesh and I meet up often. And being a Punjabi, I love his mum’s food. When I’m here, I love waking up in the mornings and walking down to their living room and eat her special delicacies,” he reveals.
Akshay has walked the ramp before but this is the first time he has associated himself with a Style Week. “This is the first time in India that such an event is taking place and also my connect with Ramesh is another reason why I have associated myself with this event,” says the star who continues to remain grounded and balanced despite his huge success. “It’s my upbringing. My parents have ensured that I remain rooted. I have also seen several ups and downs in my career, highs followed by lows and highs again,” he admits.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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