Maestros meet

The 14th edition of Barkha Ritu saw Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and Sajeev Abhyankar weave magic

When two maestros come together to perform the monsoon ragas, the audience is left enthralled. That is just what happened at the 14th edition of Barkha Ritu, which took place on the eve of Independence Day at Ravindra Bharati. The national thematic music festival takes place in seven Indian cities.

Sanjeev Abhyankar, an artist whose career spans 25 years, is known for his Sanskrit bhajans. He captivated the audience with his soulful rendition of Raga Megh and Raga Malhar. The 90-minute performance had everyone listening with rapt attention. Abhyankar not only sang, but explained the meaning of the song for amateurs in classical music. His effortless singing of the difficult jhalas earned him thunderous applause.

Anita Menon, a software developer, who was in the audience said,“Sanjeev Abhyankar's rendition was beautiful. The way he explained the songs helped us under stand the true meaning, thus we are able to enjoy it better.”

Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, the Padma Vibhushan awardee, has contributed to Indian classical music by making the obscure instrument, the santoor, an important part of classical music. His rendition of Tansen’s Miyan Ki Malhar and later his own composition was a soul-stirring experience. His powerful performance was given a standing ovation. He also explained the diferent rasas which are a part of the Malhar and how it can be invigorating and soothing at the same time. Nishi Sood, a homemaker, said, “It was my dream to see Panditji play. He plays so effortlessly and is yet so humble.”

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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