Movie review 'Uppi 2': Unfortunately the ‘wow’ factor is missing

Director: Upendra

Cast: Upendra, Kristina Akheeva, Parul Yadav, Shobhraj, Sayaji Shinde, Bank Janardhan

Rating: 2.5 stars

After ‘I’, the director-actor Upendra is back to ‘preachy’ ways in this sequel to his earlier hit preaching Upendra. Remember the character nanu (means ‘I’) in Upendra which attracted ‘many’ for its careless, selfish, living life on own terms attitude and finally making an exit in the climax! Yes, the ‘I’ is now the ‘you’ in Uppi 2. While striving hard to stay ‘different’ in the making, the brain of the exuberant writer-director comes up with the psychological concept mantra with a spin on life through ‘you’ on the past, present and future.

No doubt, the subject, the making and the thinking behind the film is different and unique from the stereotyped love and revenge ones which hits the screens round the year. Admittedly the idea behind this movie struck the director’s mind in the past after he saw the wording Uppi 2 on the rare side of an auto-rickshaw. Coming back to the present, Upendra in his directorial, he simply does not believe in keeping anything simple for the only sake of being different. It has to be complicated, so that he can later preach ‘them’ that he was always simple but ‘they’ failed to read his mind. Does it make sense? Well, may be for the sanely insane ‘him’, ‘you’, and ‘them’.

While continuing few characters from his earlier ventures, Upendra has churned this one with his trademark dialogues, gripping screenplay, swift narration, but unfortunately the ‘wow’ factor is missing in you. From screen going blank for sometime and later in the climax, the director has made his point ‘blank’ view. Now, it is up to you to watch it in present or in the future. As far as ‘I’, it ‘was’ an experience wishing for a future.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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