This guy earned $1 million by blogging about his travels to 152 countries

He also set up a successful digital media company in just three years

For most people, the idea of quitting their mundane desk job to go backpacking around the world seems like a far-fetched dream. However, folks like Johnny Ward know how to live that dream in real life 365 days a year and become a millionaire plus get an attractive girlfriend.

Johnny Ward in traditional Tibetian clothes at the Potala Palace in Lhasa. (Picture Courtesy: Instagram/ onestep4ward)

Raised in a single-parent home, Ward always felt the pinch. But he wanted to achieve a lot more without getting stuck in a typical corporate lifestyle, where pay packages were good but the freedom to take regular breaks limited.

Johnny Ward with his mother in Medina of Tunis. (Picture Courtesy: Instagram/ onestep4ward)

In what looks like the ultimate success story, this 31-year-old has not only managed to explore 152 countries but has also made a whopping one million dollars over the past three years — all from his laptop. All this began after Ward happened to read about how one travel blogger made £1,939 from their website each month. Inspired by that he decided to create his own website, OneStep4ward, despite having no prior technology experience.

Jonny Ward playing with lemurs in Madagascar. (Picture Courtesy: Instagram/ onestep4ward)

Admitting that his “tech skills were on par with my grandmother's”, he started blogging about his travels and soon began earning up to £4,000 from online advertisements every month, reports the Daily Mail. Encouraged by his initial success, he began branching out and ended up creating his own digital media company, Step4wardMedia, which manages over 200 sites.

Johnny Ward posing in Jin Li street in China. (Picture Courtesy: Instagram/ onestep4ward)

Along with a small team of freelancers and staff members, all working for him on their laptops, Ward has managed to achieve the impossible – travel to his heart’s content and setting up a successful company at the same time. Whether it is feeding wild hyenas red meat in Ethiopia, paragliding in the Himalayas or cage diving with great white sharks - or even bumping into Vince Vaughan in a Beijing nightclub, Ward’s daily routine is anything but the ordinary.

Johnny Ward hiking in Peru. (Picture Courtesy: Instagram/ onestep4ward)

“I probably travel solo two-thirds of the time, the other third friends, readers, family or my girlfriend, who is a flight attendant in Thailand, come and join. We were just in the Seychelles together two weeks ago celebrating visiting 150 out of 193 countries,” the Daily Mail quotes him saying.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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