Movie review 'Male': A nice little drizzle

Male is a nice little drizzle which the young college-going audience may find entertaining
Director: Shiva Tejas
Cast: Nenapirali Prem, Amulya
Rating: 3
After Charminar, which triumphed the concept of four pillars in life and earned him accolades, R Chandru (who has, for a change, produced and penned the story) comes up with Male (Rain) this time. Through three rhetorical instances of rainfall depicted in the film, the story of the protagonist (portrayed by Nenapirali Prem) unfolds. He is paired opposite the newest glamour queen of Sandalwood – Amulya. Apart from using rain as a metaphor, Male shows a tale of love tangled with a stretched story line, and occasional tasteless humour.
Though heavy showers were predicted, Male is a nice little drizzle which the young college-going audience may find entertaining, especially crazy fans of Amulya, who is a treat to watch in a new look altogether. The director clearly meant Male to be a romantic escapade with a twist in the tale. Unfortunately, the journey in the falling rain makes the audience feel a little drowsy. However, the stupor is interrupted at frequent intervals when there is a sudden ‘double-meaning’ dialogue.
At times the heroine herself spews a verbal attack on the hero. Despite a good performance, it looks like Prem is still hungover on Charminar’s success. During the first symbollic rain – our hero falls in love with a girl, he follows her and it starts his journey. During the second shower – he proposes and obviously his proposal is put out on hold. The third and the final rain holds the key to the outcome of the story. If you like getting drenched, this should not disappoint a lover of love stories.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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