Watch: Mama Dog starts ‘crying’ after her puppies were rescued

But some say that it maybe because of a condition called epiphora

Most people believe that animals have emotions just like human beings and this viral video might just prove to you the same. This dog here got so overwhelmed when she saw her cute little pooches that she began to shed tears upon seeing them.

The teary-eyed dog is petted after the accident. (Picture Courtesy: YouTube)

Hugging her pups close to her, she had big teardrops rolling down her eyes, showing that all mothers are protective about their young ones.

However, some commentators on the video contend that dogs cannot actually cry like humans for emotional reasons. One of them attributed the canine’s tears to a condition called “epiphora” and another cautioned that liquid discharge from a dog’s eyes indicated that “something is wrong”.

Watch the video below:

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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