Want to woo girls? Talk to them, claims study

Indian women cannot stand men who can't indulge them in a conversation
New Delhi: A new survey has revealed that 86 percent of Indian women cannot stand men who can't indulge them in a conversation and give one word replies as it portrays lack of interest, laziness and lack of respect.
Matchify, the women-centric app for serious and meaningful relationships, launched an interesting BurnOrMatchify campaign on social media, to study What Kind of Men Women Would Want to Date! Over 7,200 responses were received, mostly from single women.
The campaign on Twitter and Facebook got insights on the kind of preferences women have when they decide to date a guy. This helped understand the way women pick their Mr Right.
"The sole purpose of the campaign was to understand dating trends and preferences of women in India! It gave the audience 10 interesting situations when it comes to choosing someone to Matchify or simply, Burn (meaning ignore or scorn). This campaign was helpful in differentiating the Perfect Serious Men from the ones who can be given a Miss when it comes to dating," says Sai Chithra, Business Head, Matchify.
The highlights that women spoke of when choosing the right partner for them included Trust, True Love and Complete Understanding of their Partner.
When asked for their reaction "if he doesn't let her meet her friends," women strongly opined that this meant trust issues, possessiveness and their girl friendships were vital. In fact 95 percent responded that they would ignore such men. Only 5 percent saying they would Matchify!
When asked to comment on "a guy who compared her to his mother," the 51 percent who said they would scorn them stated that it was insulting to them.
After a thorough research on the 7,200 responses, we saw a clear and strong expression of 3 interesting traits (Not being secretive, giving the time she needs and displaying affection in front of his friends) that a girl wishes to see in her date/ partner.
( Source : ANI )
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