Hyderabad: Domestic garbage pick up privatised

Drivers to collect Rs 100; each tipper to cover households

Hyderabad: For door-to-door collection of garbage, GHMC will procure 2,500 four-wheeler auto-rickshaw tippers that will be owned (under loan bases) and operated by private individuals. From now, private drivers appointed by GHMC will collect garbage from homes and transfer it to the nearest dumping yard. The driver can also sell all recyclable items collected after segregation.

The drivers will not be paid by the GHMC but will collect money (Rs 50 or Rs 100) from each house as their monthly salary. Hotels and restaurants, which generate more garbage, however, will continue to pay the standard fee to the GHMC as there collection is done separately.

The GHMC is inviting individuals with driving licenses who are interested in taking up garbage collection jobs. They will be asked to purchase (under loan) the tipper under Driver Cum Over scheme (GHMC will help them get the loan) and monthly installment will be paid by the individual. However, GHMC will contribute towards the monthly loan repayment on successful collection of garbage per month.

Each auto tipper will cover 600-800 households. Mr Somesh Kumar, GHMC commissioner and special officer said, “The driver will be helped by a cleaner to transport garbage, the sanitation staff will collect waste from each house and dump it into these tippers .The Swachh ‘Driver Cum Owners’ (private drivers) are encouraged to sell the recycleables.

The GHMC will help the selected applicants in getting loans and eligible subsidy, monthly loan repayment loan, provide contribution toward EMI, allocate area for garbage collection, earmark transfer station for garbage, training and monitoring.” Hotels and restaurants that generate more garbage will have to pay GHMC the standard fee of waste collection. These tippers are mainly for residential areas.

What an idea, GHMC!

Talking about GHMC’s proposed garbage collection vehicles, Major Shiva Kiran, vice president of United Federation of Resident Welfare Association of Greater Hyderabad, said, “Tippers is a better idea since it can cover a larger area which the tricycles cannot. People are willing to pay, already many colonies pay somewhere between Rs 30-50 per month per household. With these tippers, the work can be done fast, but we request the GHMC to appoint workers who are already involved in the collection of waste. Residents will be willing to pay if the collection becomes more efficient. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation can also enable these vehicles with GPRS so that they can be tracked.

“And why only men? they should as well encourage women drivers as tricycles in many colonies are also operated by women staff.”

“It’s a welcome step, people will control garbage output once they start paying from their pockets; all this while it was the responsibility of GHMC . Many still think that it is the government’s burden though it is us who generate waste.

Also, commercial establishments should be charged according to their waste output per kilo, including the food outlets. Instead of monthly collection, GHMC should link the garbage collection fee of the driver by merging it with the property tax,” added Mr G.V. Rao, general secretary of Greater Alwal Allied Service Association.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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